Uinta Basin Success


On SiteProduced water was processed into clean formation fluid (brine) and fresh water using JAG Ingenuity’s EcoSeparator™ and EcoReactor™ water and oil reclamation systems at a salt water disposal and oil reclamation site in Duchesne, Utah. JAG Ingenuity’s systems, including a reverse osmosis (RO) unit, demonstrated that clean completion fluids can be reclaimed from production water at the leasehold site at a significant cost savings over the normal water acquisition and transportation cycle.

The Commercial Performance Demonstration consisted of processing mixed waste water from the SWD truck terminal and then a series of tests on specific lease location produced water.


The Challenge

  1. Operate in a continuous process.
  2. Recover entrained hydrocarbon sufficient for crude oil resale (BS&W < 1%).
  3. Remove suspended solids and reduce scaling minerals and organics.
  4. Desalinate the ‘cleaned’ brine sufficient for secondary use.
  5. Demonstrate economic viability of multiple revenue streams:

(a) Reclaimed crude oil for sale; (b) clean brine for frac basis; and (c) secondary-use fresh water.


The Solution’s Technologies

  • EcoSeparator™ 100 with automated filtration option
  • EcoReactor™ S-10 version with dissolved air flotation (DAF)
  • Polishing filtration and RO system


Produced Water Handling System

A portable receiving and dispensing tank facility was designed around the mission critical technologies defined above and commissioned in less than 15 days. In addition, the design also included:

  • Water receiving, heating, and holding tanks (500 bbl typical) with distribution network.
  • Hydrocarbon (oil) and Hydrocarbon-free (brine water) tankage, pumps, etc.
  • Boiler and controls for optimized pre-separation fluid heating.

The completed system was located adjacent to the terminal where designated lease water was diverted from trucks directly to JAG Ingenuity tanks.



Water quality data accumulated during trial runs repeatedly underscored the success of the project. The superior results can be clearly seen in the visual samples and quantified in the data table below: From right to left: produced water with dispersed oil; separated oil-free but contaminated brine; reclaimed oil; post-reactor clean brine; and finally fresh water.

Eco Oasis Samples 2