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Clean water starts here

Clean Oil

JAG Ingenuity’s patented, controlled-gravity separation technology will increase your oil quantity and value, and in turn, your profits.

Clean Water

Turn our most precious resource into revenue as you reclaim residual oil and remove water contaminants with our EcoComplete system.

Clean Planet

Participate in environmental stewardship by multiplying water reusability and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Industrial Equipment

Explore JAG Ingenuity’s intelligent water solutions.

Select one of two proprietary and technologically advanced separation systems:

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JAG Ingenuity’s equipment is engineered to meet the highest standards in the industry.  

The best way to understand the level of quality is to see it in action.  

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About Us

JAG Ingenuity is a water solutions company that specializes in remote field treatment of water, oil, and other environmentally sensitive fluids.

JAG Ingenuity has successfully built a reputation as an innovative developer of advanced separation technology and water treatment solutions.  Our treatment solutions have been field-tested and hardened under harsh conditions at remote oil production and disposal locations.

Company History:

    • 2000: JAG Ingenuity was formed and acquired Separation Process Technologies
    • 2001-2004: Designed the prototype water treatment “Eco²System” equipment.  Growth period with more than 30 application Beta tests.  Patents filed.
    • 2004-2008: Beta Field Operations.  “EcoOasis” fixed-facility wastewater treatment center and “Eco On-site” service contract at major gulf coast refinery.  Additional patents filed.
    • 2009-2011: Refined technology deployment.  JV with HBP of China developing prototype 300 gpm centrifugal separator.  Partnered with Lifetime, a global leading manufacturer.
    • 2012-present: Designed and manufactured the advanced EcoSeparator 100 and the revolutionary EcoReactor 100.  IP and patent portfolio expanded.
  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    JAG Ingenuity’s facilities and extensive experience provide the freedom to build, test, and repair equipment in house.  This keeps equipment and future designs sharp.

  • Lab Capabilities

    An in-house lab with state-of-the-art equipment gives JAG Ingenuity the ability to provide site-specific solutions and helps to develop projects quickly and efficiently.

  • Expert Team

    JAG Ingenuity’s team of experts has the capability to solve any problem thrown at them.  From engineering and design, to manufacturing, programming, and deployment JAG Ingenuity continuously innovates and improves products.

  • Patented Technologies

    Proven and patented technologies provide an advantage over the competition.


JAG Ingenuity’s goal is not only to engineer quality equipment, but also to help you succeed in your specific application.  Browse the following market segments, visit the services page for more information, or contact JAG Ingenuity to see how you can utilize the equipment.