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Clean water starts here

Clean Oil

Upgrade oil quality, recover value, and bolster profits using EcoNova Science’s patented, controlled-gravity separation technology.

Clean Water

Reuse precious water resources by turning contaminated flow-back into desirable completion stock with our proven EcoReactor technology.

Clean Planet

Lead environmental stewardship by multiplying water reusability and ensuring compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Industrial Equipment

Explore JAG Ingenuity’s intelligent water solutions.

Select one of two proprietary and technologically advanced separation systems:

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JAG Ingenuity’s equipment is engineered to meet the highest standards in the industry.  

The best way to understand the level of quality is to see it in action.  

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About Us

E EcoNova Science brand of patented technology and equipment was developed over 18 years and was acquired in 2016 by Thought Preserve, LLC.  Since its acquisition in 2016, EcoNova Science led solutions aim to preserve precious water resources while helping to unlock valuable natural resources.

Innovation History:

        • 2000: EcoNova, Inc. acquired Separation Process Technologies
        • 2001-2004: Developed and expanded patented separation technology, logging more than 30 application Beta tests.
        • 2004-2008: Beta Field Operations.  “EcoOasis” fixed-facility wastewater treatment center and “Eco On-site” service contract at major gulf coast refinery.  Additional patents filed.
        • 2009-2011: Refined technology deployment.  JV with HBP of China developing prototype 300 gpm centrifugal separator.  Partnered with Lifetime, a global leading manufacturer.
        • 2012-2016: Designed and manufactured the revolutionary EcoReactor and the redesigned  EcoSeparator.  Expanded IP and patent portfolio.
        • 2016-present: Thought Preserve, LLC acquired EcoNova, Inc.’s patent portfolio and IP, offering an upgraded suite of water treatment solutions under the EcoNova Science brand.  Expanded the patent portfolio and technology.  Formed a service solutions alliance with JAG Ingenuity, a specialty oil field water solutions and services company.
  • Patented Technologies

    Proven and patented technologies that provide valuable and distinct competitive advantages: scalability, high efficiency, relative low power, small footprint, portability, and precise results.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities

    EcoNova Science and its manufacturing partners have extensive collaborative experience in producing customized solutions to specialized water treatment and reuse needs.

  • Team of Experts

    From engineering and design professionals to manufacturing, programming, and deployment experts, the stable of EcoNova Science professionals and partners lead with a focused, results-driven mindset


EcoNova Science aims to deliver engineered applications of its advanced patented technology to help you solve your site-specific effluent treatment and water reuse problems.  Browse the following market segments, visit the solutions page for more information, or contact EcoNova Science to see how we can help meet your needs.